finally i can update my wordpress by Mac!!!
finally i realized why there are so much people love to use firefox


haven’t update for long long time

too lazy to work on my brother’s PC

blue and red


one day, a pity mug stayed next to my table for whole day long

started getting more and more busy now
but still looking forward to next week’s event

it appeared again
the name always in my head
feels like god doesn’t want me to put that down for any while
this is the 3.x year already

and i know sth is trying to enter into my mind to find a little corner to stay
please don’t come in…

should i buy a little photo printer? maybe i can use it for printing out my illustration for someone with nice quality, or just print any photo i want.

how can i stop thinking something if that thing always show up around me through anything…

is that i am not able to put it down for a while? is it?

All about my office life (50% about eat?!)

Finally, i finished my probation, notthing happened, is that mean i pass?

Last Staurday, Aster, the only one who works in our company’s production section gave me a set of nice ‘memo pad’, three kinds of paper are included which are too nice to be a memo, the size are totally fit for being a sketch book/ visual diary. Thanks a lot Aster = )

After work i backed to my school for photo shooting with VC mates for our graduation , always is a great time when being with my classmates, although after the chatting at night i can’t stop thinking lots of annoying things… i wish we are at the same place.

By the way, my shoes was broken during the shooting……

Sunday, photo shooting with family.

happy weekend, with a non-stop thinking mind.