Monthly Archives: October 2008

Last Staurday, Aster, the only one who works in our company’s production section gave me a set of nice ‘memo pad’, three kinds of paper are included which are too nice to be a memo, the size are totally fit for being a sketch book/ visual diary. Thanks a lot Aster = )

After work i backed to my school for photo shooting with VC mates for our graduation , always is a great time when being with my classmates, although after the chatting at night i can’t stop thinking lots of annoying things… i wish we are at the same place.

By the way, my shoes was broken during the shooting……

Sunday, photo shooting with family.

happy weekend, with a non-stop thinking mind.


honestly, the bread from both the most popular bakeries in Hong Kong are not nice, just a cup of milk is enough for me. i don’t know if it will affect my nice start of a day, but i can’t feel that is a nice day if something won’t happened at the night, that’s what i think every day.
i changed my old paper wallet into another paper wallet, yeah!

When LX2 met LX3.
(LX3 from Ernest, who works in the same company with me.)
But i still love my LX2 =)
I want to use Garamond here! But i am just a user, not!