haven’t post for long long time, sorry for that, recently i addict to sina mini blog 😛

also, something dominate my mind

my mum tries to make sure i can have a healthy body, so keeps asking me to drink/ eat different things, lucky that recently they are not as nasty as those i ate/ drank before.


recently i love Daniel Powter’s song so much, quite enjoy when i am walking to work, can relax my mind before work.

honestly, i am quite happy to meet some of my colleagues (yes, not all of them, but that’s true), nice to meet you!

2009 Chinese New Year, my mother finally forced me to tidy up my room, where is full of my school life stuffs, too much stuffs.

Through this holiday, I know something, I remember something, and seems I realized something.

lucky that i can still apply my drawing into my design, although that is not exactly the style i draw most, they are still the style i would like to draw.

recently i backed to the life of 135 film camera, bbf is great, but golden half is much more suit for daily life. i will keep hard sell this camera to my friends =)

Had a nice lunch to farewell one of my colleagues, good luck to her, and hope she can find a better job.

Today I backed to the place where I walked always during school time, but people with me were not the same.

hope nothing wrong happened/ gonna happen

finally i can update my wordpress by Mac!!!
finally i realized why there are so much people love to use firefox

haven’t update for long long time

too lazy to work on my brother’s PC

blue and red